This week at The Learning Center we are discussing transportation and all of the fun things that go with it!  This was the perfect time to bring out one of my old favorites from my internship.

At the time, we were working on making choices (given three options, choose one).  The children were shown these three pictures and asked to choose one.  Following the choice, they would move around as the vehicle of choice.

This song is really simple and pretty easy to remember. In fact, This is the first time I have actually written it out.

We’re going on an airplane
We’re going in a car
We’re going on a train going really, really, far
Where are we going
I Don’t Know
We’ll just, have to ask

DOWNLOAD SONG HERE (written out)

At this point, we ask the child where do they want to go and how do we want to get there? While the children are moving as their vehicle, we sing the matching song:

Train: There’s a Train by Janice Buckner
Airplane: An off the cusp catchy tune about flying
Car: “I Have a Car” from Musical Games, Fingerplays, and Rhythmic Activities for Early Childhood

There are several adaptations we can incorporate into this activity.  What are some of your ideas?