Last year I bought these amazing pieces of chalk on clearance and I have been waiting and waiting until the weather was right to finally start using them.  Then, we lost them… but now, we found them and my husband had such a blast coloring with Farrah in our driveway.

Up until now we couldn’t really use them any… do you see how ginormous they are?!!!  I love it!  She showed each of us how we drew our circles, squares, triangles… and was quite demanding when it came to choosing what colors she wanted to use.

My husband has a thing for tracing Farrah’s hands and fingers.  It seemed that this chalk was just too big to get into the little spaces between each finger.  Oh well… hearing her say AGAIN each time a hand was finished was enough for us 🙂

Yes, chalk does get everywhere!  But man, what a great time had by all! I say “the messier, the better”.  I can’t really tell you who had more fun; Daddy or Daughter?!