Happy Chanukkah Everyone!

Chanukkah at the Brown’s is much the same as anywhere else. Aside from where we place our gifts… something just doesn’t seem right up there! 🙂 We light candles, say the blessings, open our presents and eat Latkes!

This year, knowing Farrah would be interested in the candles, I decided it best to make a menorah All for her!

Felt Menorah Tutorial (Toddler Sized):

Cardboard (any size will do… you get to make this as big or as small as you would like!)
ours is 18″ X 24″
Felt: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow and White
Hot Glue Gun, Glue
Cutting and Measuring Materials: Scissors, Rotary Cutter, ruler, etc.
How To:
Step 1: Cut Out 8 Candles (4.5″H X 1″W) and 1 Shammash (7″H X 1″W) out of Dark Blue Felt
Step 2: Cut out 2 Long Rectangles (1 Light Blue, 1 White), 1.5″H X 11.5″L
Step 3: Cut Out 9 Flames (1.5″H X1 1″W) out of yellow
Step 4: Glue Black Felt To Cardboard (both pieces, side by side), this is now your Felt Board
Step 5: Glue Shammash (Tallest Candle) in the Middle of the Felt Board leaving enough room for Flame on Top and Base of Menorah on bottom.
Step 6: Glue 4 Candles on either side of Shammash (leaving a small amount of space between each) and making sure they are at the same height across, but shorter than the Shammash
Step 7: Glue Light Blue and White Piece on top of Each other (Allowing one Piece to peek out from behind the other). This is your menorah “base”.
Step 8: Glue This “base” to the bottom of 9 candles
The flames are felt and so they will stick to the Felt Board, allowing your kiddo to “light” the candles each night 🙂 I placed the Flames in a small “snack baggie” and glued that to the back of the Felt Board.