So Hanukkah starts on Wednesday… and what better way to celebrate its arrival than to put up our Christmas Tree! I know, I know… we are mixing oil and water here. But in all honesty… Christmas is pretty and important to Michael and Channukah is important to me… so why can’t we just have both?!
And so we will 🙂
Yesterday was “Operation: Spread Holiday Cheer”!

The tree is up…

The movies in place…

The music set…
When Farrah came downstairs from her nap her first word was “Pretty!” as she saw the tree and banister all lit up and the living room festive! Makes mama proud 🙂 Later that evening she wouldn’t stop spinning to the music. So happy that my daughter has the holiday cheer!
Farrah’s first Holiday Activity: Decorating her OWN tree!
I must give credit where credit is due… Sara T. Thanks! I ran into her at the grocery store yesterday and she was purchasing a tree for G so that “She will stop redecorating ours”. I love how she put that! So sweet! Anyway, it gave me an idea when we got home.
I cant really spend the money on a new tree just for her, but VOILA! I found my old silver tree and it is just perfect! This fine motor activity can be done by anyone and it was even more simple using this tree, where the needles don’t get in the way.
Small Tree, or similar (I like the kind without needles personally)
Mini Ornaments with ribbon
Mini Tree Skirt
To do:
Put out the tree (preferably in a different room than your big tree)
Set out the ornaments with the ribbon (ribbon is larger than the little tiny ornament hooks and easier for the little ones to control)
Show the wee one ONE TIME what to do and off they go!

We are now on Day 2 and in the morning she ran around hiding all of the ornaments and then after lunch she went and found them. After nap we hope she will go and play again 🙂
Meanwhile, she has only touched the big tree once 🙂
Next Up: Hanukkah Activity 🙂