As I have probably said a million times before, I can’t help but remain excited to be part of the cloth diapering world.  

I know, diapers in general are just awful and if it was really healthy for kids to hold in their poop forever, we would all do it!  But alas, there are other ways…
Months ago, when first exploring this fantastic eco-friendly option in baby care I stumbled onto this website: Cloth Diaper Blog
Today, being Friday, they are offering a giveaway for Planet Wise bags… which I think is pretty cool… these wet bags are going to pretty much save my life and my money (so I can do that fancy pants lawn job in the backyard).
Anyway, I just thought I would throw it out there to all of those eco friendly and cost saving moms out there!  
BTW, I am off to the diaper store with Rachel today to get myself a few more diapers, a tidbit more information on laundering, and a possibly another wetbag (as I never win these contests)!
Pictures later!  Enjoy your day!