Finding things to do inside (that require little mess and clean up) gets a bit harder as the weather gets colder, and a toddler becomes frantic! While I am thankful to be able to send her off to daycare for a few days to get her sillies out and socialize, we are still at home several days a week and need to keep doing things!

have you ever noticed how toddlers can zip through an activity in less than 5 minutes?! The same learning experience and activity you took days to think of, hours to plan and overnight to prepare???? Funny how that works!
So here is an “already taken care of” activity that your toddler (or even infant) can effectively plan, prepare and play with all on their own! Your involvement? Clean out your cabinets of old containers 🙂
We have been using these “take and Toss” containers since I started making Farrah’s baby food and lately we find that they just don’t hold enough for my adorable little piggy! So my first thought was to give her one of each color for her new kitchen (a Christmas present she knows NOTHING about!) and then she stole them and started to play. So now, half went to the kitchen, half when to her learning trunk. Okay, so we don’t really have a learning trunk, but wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Take and Toss containers (the tiny snack ones)

Anything you want!
Kids can mix and match, stack them like blocks, work on fine motor and take the lids off and on, nest them, throw them, sort them, hide them… ANYTHING!
What an amazingly wonderful toy for kids of all ages!