So Michael and I have somewhat officially started our mommy and daddy- to- be classes, but yesterdays was probably going to be the most fun!

We registered to take a cloth diapering class and went yesterday morning… a bit skeptical at first, I mean we seriously are driving all around the west side of town trying to find this house where this class and supposed store is taking place.  We did find it, and walk in to find an amazingly nice family and friend who were to teach all about the world of cloth diapering!
There were about 4 or 5 other couples there with us, and the lecturer was a friend of a friend (which I found out afterwards).  Some of these people made me laugh so hard!  It was nice to see such a diverse group (some of which were men who would rather be sitting in the woods with their gun than sitting in a living room learning about diapers!).  All in all though, we learned so much and what was once an extremely confusing and dare I say it minimal knowledge of cloth diapering, came out as an extremely exciting thing for Michael and I to take part in!
Now for all the skeptics out there: 
1. Cloth diapering is not what you are thinking, where there is literally a cloth diaper with pins and such like back in the day when we were babies.
2. There are several systems that are smart, economical and environmentally friendly!
3. There is no more time used in diapering a child with cloth diapers rather than disposable… trust us, we tried!
4. I am not the expert, but the lovely lady who runs the store and classes has done all the work for us on research and such so check her out!
You can also check out our registry there too!
But just go ahead and read all of the information.  

5. If you are super disgusted by touching poop, don’t worry, many cloth diapers out there are made so that you literally take off the whole thing (just like your landfill filling disposable), toss it in the diaper pail (garbage with reusable pail liner) and then chuck it in the washing machine.  No touching poop, no scraping into toilet (unless you want to shake out some solids), and you get to use it all again!
Michael came out of the class showing his excitement for the cloth diapering and so I know that it will be worth it. 
Of all things baby related, this is the thing I am most excited for!  That making our own baby food… but that is for another day.