Lately I have been pretty bored… I am slightly disturbed also… I probably could have worked for ONE more week if I really put my mind to it.  Everyone was really convinced that once I hit 37 Weeks I shouldn’t work anymore… I decided that it would be a good idea too considering I drive about an hour or so to work most days and sit in the car ALOT, and on the floor even more.

So here I am almost 39 weeks or something… in all honesty, I am done trying to keep track… I know that I am uncomfortable when sitting, walking, and sleeping… I pee constantly, even when I don’t drink any water, my clothing doesnt fit at all and just digs into the base of my uterus, my ankles and knees are swollen and slightly uncomfortable when bent, I am tired, I am out of breathe, I have heartburn from water…   But most of all… I am a bored!  My goodness, am I bored!  
I have cleaned the upstairs, repositioned things in the baby’s room, cleaned the downstairs, put together enough baby items for the next two years, built a cabinet to hold these items and toys and gear, tried to decorate the rooms, organized the office, organized the private practice paperwork, watched a lot of TV and movies, downloaded and categorized music… honestly, what is left!  Oh yeah, I did laundry.  
Part of the cloth diapering initiative is that each diaper/wipe/insert etc. must be washed several times before use.  Not a problem really, if you use hot water to wash your clothing.  We try not to… so unfortunately, this week has had a few extra loads of laundry.  We will be learning to use warmer water in an effort to combine a few loads.
But the diaper wash count is as follows:
Fitted Diapers: 2 of 3
Prefold Dipaers: 4 of 6
Wipes: 4 of 6
Covers and All-in-Ones: 1 of 1
PreWashing is a very important, as it basically maximizes the absorbency that each diaper can have.  After this, it will be a breeze, relatively speaking.
On the plus side of all the feelings above though… Michael is feeling a whole hell of a lot better, I changed the background of the blog to something pretty, I am not so much scared of the delivery anymore as I have been watching “A Baby Story” and now expect anything, I am extremely relaxed, and today we are having some awesome storms, so at least I get to watch something other than the TV 🙂
I am so excited… that’s about all I can say!  Let’s have this baby!

Here is a picture of some of the bedding… The bumper is temporary, until the new one comes in (backordered until June), the blanket is so soft that I am thinking of sleeping with it myself, and the pillow in the upper right is the mix/match pattern that the rest of the bedding will be in when it finally arrives! 🙂
Tonight, we will be attempting to move the armoire (that’s right, it is here!) upstairs… oh BOy!