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This summer marks Developing Melodies’ THIRD summer offering Tiny Melodies here in Bloomington.  We have seen so many children and their parents toe tapping, finger snapping and stick clacking to the rhythms and fun of our early childhood music curriculum.  First off, Thank You!  We are so thankful for each family that has come through the Tiny Melodies program.  We have enjoyed our one-timers, our repeat offenders AND our referrals! We wouldn’t be here without each of you adding your little bit of flavor to each class.  Secondly, we want to let you know that WE HEAR YOU!  We have had requests to bring back the Wednesday class this spring, so we will be doing JUST THAT!  Be sure to sign up over at the Bloomington Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department… classes start NEXT WEEK!

Third (which is fitting since we are in our third year), we have been asked by so many folks in surrounding areas about our early childhood music classes that we thought it best to expand our range!  That’s right, we are moving to new ground for Tiny Melodies!  We are fortunate to have a Developing Melodies Family member (Developing Dad) who currently spends his days up in MINONK, IL teaching K-4 General Music.  He has a great space at his school and it needs to be filled with children!  So….. We are bringing Tiny Melodies to YOU, Minonk!  Click here for all of the details including dates, times and registration!

But wait… There’s More!  With the success of last year’s RHYTHM CAMP, we are coming back for round two!  Join us again for a great week of music, rhythm games, dances and of course, Mr. Brown, as he takes you around the world with rhythm! Click here for all of those details including dates, times and registration!

So, there you go, 2 AWESOME Classes in 1 AWESOME place!  We hope you will join us as we continue to add classes and fun to our growing list of music making opportunities!

(BTW, Those living in Bloomington-Normal… we’ve brought Rhythm Camp to you, too! Check it out in the Summer Edition of the Bloomington Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department Summer Brochure)