So I decided to leap head first into the world of finger paint. I thought for sure, that I had it all prepared as I set out the largest splat mat we own, grabbed a bucket of water, construction paper, a towel and fingerpaint. Farrah and I sat on the floor together ready to go. Before I was even able to get the paint open, Farrah had her hands in the bucket of water and splashing all over. This was not really a big deal except that I really really really wanted to fingerpaint… or atleast get a hand print or something.

I let her play for a few minutes and decided that it be best to move to the table so that Farrah could be a bit more confined in her space. I made sure the bucket of water was out of sight, picked up the finger paint and just let her go to town. Here are pictures of what happened next…

Of course at the end you want to make sure to have our hands all clean. I think she was a bit shocked at the water color after just plunged her hands into it.

The finished product will be hung on her new art wall.