The beach! 🙂

I’m coming to get you!

I am such a little stinker 😉

Popi, PopPop and baby

Hi! I’m in Florida!

Four Generations

Swimming in the big girl pool

Mommy and Daddy and Baby (A prequel to summer)

It was fast… frantic… but FUN!

Farrah took her first trip to Florida last week. We ate out at a lot of different places, tried some fish, went swimming, played in the sand and ocean, and met my cousins. It was a lot, but it was a lot of fun!
Despite being super sick, she put on a good show! Farrah was diagnosed the day before we left with a fantastic UTI. It brought us to prompt care with a 103.3 fever!!! EEK! I was SURE it was her ear, but nope… it was her rear-ish. Anyhoo, we decided that as long as she was on the antibiotic, we would go… so we did.