It’s free and it’s fabulous and it is for anyone working with children: parents, therapists, teachers… ANYONE!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit We Teach, I suggest you visit and become a member, right now!  Yes, I’m talking to you!  This is a wonderful forum for all of those I mentioned above and it is FREE.  There are several different groups to join giving you ideas and activities for a variety of a learning needs.  Activities are written by those who join, so all of those parents and teachers and therapists are sharing with all of the other parents, teachers, therapists and anyone else who joins.  They have even started a regular e-book, for FREE!  Which brings me to today’s announcement:

Myself, and Developing Melodies, have been featured in the newest We Teach: Holiday Learning E-book, 2011

Last year we posted our Felt Menorah Tutorial and this year it is featured in the Chanukah section of the E-book.

Thank You to We Teach and Amy Mascott for accepting my “Awesome” Idea!