This year we started Halloween very very early… probably in the beginning of October. Not quite as early as our retailers, but early for the Brown House! I made Farrah’s costume(s) as you know and decorated the house so she could really get a feel for Orange and Dress up and everything! Her costumes were constantly within reach, should she ever decide to use them (which only consisted of her grabbing the hanger, holding up to herself and laughing before putting it back).

Here are some activities we participated in to celebrate the holiday!

Halloween Bag

We also got her a bag of holiday goodies that she could play with, learn from and use for many years.

Inside the bag was a Halloween shirt, crazy straw, a science experiment, a counting book, some pumpkin erasers (more with that next year) and a Bearista! She had the most fun taking everything out and putting it back in.

Halloween Coloring

There are many times that Farrah is NOT eating the crayons, and recently has begun to really enjoy making marks on the paper, and drawing circles. Each week in October I taped a coloring sheet on her play table. I put Halloween colored crayons in a bucket on top and every so often she would wander over to the table, hop up in her chair and start to color. The most interesting for me, was to see what colors she choose. Each day, she really focused on something different; one day she threw all but orange on the floor… the next it was green.

Halloween Science Experiment

This was probably the most fun for Farrah on this day, where her teeth and head were doing nothing more than causing her problems! She was able to relax and chill out as we watched the sponges grow! These were Halloween specific, but I am now on the hunt for lots more! She enjoyed moving them around the glass in the warm water. After they “hatched” we dried them off and felt the texture of the sponges. What a great sensory activity! I was hoping they were a bit larger so that we could paint with them, but alas, they were tiny. Farrah squeezed the water from them and moved them in between her fingers. When she was finished she carefully placed them in the garbage can!
Pumpkin Play
We found lots of different types of pumpkins and gourds this year. All having a different textured surface and then of course, many sizes of the traditional carving kind! Farrah had fun just touching each one and placing them on the front steps, picking them up and moving them, one by one. We continued to the carving kind….

She had absolutely no problem sticking her hands right in and digging out the “guts”! Dad continued to carve the pumpkin for us and here is what happened:

It says “The Browns”

Dress Up (AKA Trick or Treat)

We met up with our good friends G, S, J and their dad R! We went the mall first for some indoor treating fun… A bit overwhelming! Then took a trip around our block and the girls had a BLAST! G knocked on the doors and Farrah said Trick or treat! S and I about cried, we were so excited that the girls GOT IT! As you can see, we were able to get Farrah into her costume. We told her it was cold outside and she HAD to wear a warm dress and hat! She had no problem taking the bag… and no problem running up to the houses and taking the candy!
She has still not tasted any of it! Maybe after nap…

Here is a quick shot of her other costume with almost the entire thing! She wore it for about 10 minutes before pulling it off!