Holidays in our house are a time of fun and joy!  In honor of America’s birthday we celebrated all thing red, white and blue!  As a young toddler, it isn’t so much about the importance of why the holiday is what it is (although saying “Happy Birthday America” was ADORABLE!), but more so about family, being together and celebrating simple things about the holiday.  For our toddler, the most important aspects to a special day include colors, shapes and simple phrases/words.  Incorporating these aspects into the days’ activities, whether it be a meal or a fun game, helps a child make connections with that special day.  You never know, next year when you say “Happy July Fourth”, your child may respond with “Fireworks” or in our case “Sparklers”, and THAT is the connection.  Down the road we will incorporate some of the more historical meanings of the holidays, but for now it is all about simplicity.  In our family this equals food, fun and relaxation!

Our day included an appropriate outfit

A festive breakfast

That we cooked and ate together…


Our own set of fireworks (Thanks Martha Stewart)

A patriotic way to paint (ice cube stars!)

A Yummy Snack

An impromptu trip to a semi-new park

Our first sparklers

new outdoor lighting

And some of the cheesiest and most wonderful signs of a good day… Smiles 🙂

We hope you had a lovely fourth!  Did you try anything new or special to celebrate your holiday?