Today, I am officially 6 months old…. where did the time go???? So in these 6 months of life… what have a learned so far???

1. If I scream at the top of my lungs and hold my breath once in a while, I will get everything I want and need 🙂
2. Avocado is not the greatest… but it is okay when fresh… besides, mommy eats it all anyway.
3. Bottles are okay, but not in my own house
4. Sleeping on my side is SOOOO much better than my back!
5. Ear infections suck
6. Daycare isnt so bad… I just needed to learn who these people were!
7. Stranger Danger
8. Seeing my grandparents on the computer is pretty cool… I just wish I could touch them.
9. My poopy diapers are so awesome, i just want to stick my feet in them and mush mush!