While my original intent was to write a post all about “what to do with your toddler when stuck in an airport for several hours due to canceled flights” I have decided to put that behind us and conitnue forward… can you tell? 😉

January 1, 2011… a day not too disimilar to any other day… although I was sick with a flu like something and so we didn’t do as much as I would have liked, however, while laying in bed this is what happens outside of my window!

It was like some sort of bird migration… THOUSANDS!!!! At first it started as a few hundred (still a large number) and they were going roof to roof and eating whatever they could find on the ground.  Then more and more decided to join in the fun and we watched them rush past my window several times over the course of the next two hours!  Unbelievable and breathtaking!

We sure love birds in this house, so this was a nice introduction of what our nature life might have in store for 2011!