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A few weeks ago Rachel, over at Listen & Learn, posted about a Free Snack Pack.  At first I was thinking food (it happens when I read during lunchtime) but then I clicked over and found my new go-to guy.  It has taken me a couple of busy weeks, but I am finally getting around to listening and learning a bit more about Justin Roberts.  And sure enough, He DID IT!  Justin Roberts is catchy, fun and smart!  His songs are perfect for dancing with the little ones, repetitive enough to teach some new concepts and inspiring enough to make you want to learn a few more guitar chords (and to learn exactly how to use the capo you bought four years ago!)

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with Justin Roberts! 

For Families:

He offers SEVERAL CD’s which you can either purchase directly through his website or on ITunes.  Or you can listen to him on Spotify  Your kids will thank you.

For Therapists/Teachers/and those who play guitar/piano/sing:

He has made several of his lyrics and TAB(ish) available for FREE!!!!!  He offers a PDF download on most albums.  That is what I have spent my afternoon doing; downloading and printing his lyric sheets and adding his music to my current playlist.  Head on over HERE and get some for yourself!


What other artists do you know that do this very thing?  Leave a comment below and let me know your favorites!