I kind of like this photos a little better… I guess it is all about how I feel that day 🙂

Today was an awesome day… and yet super tiring!  We started off by a nice breakfast at IHOP, which is a place we NEVER ever go, but man I was totally craving some of those fantastic chocolate chip pancakes.  It was totally worth it!
Following breakfast we headed over to see my friends French Horn recital, and let me tell you, she did AWESOME!  It was nice to see some people that I don’t often see as well!  I was kind of hoping that her horn playing might induce labor, but I guess Farrah is just not ready to come out!  Soon…. soon.
After the recital we hopped over to the hospital for a tour, which really wasn’t anything to be desired.  A baby was born shortly before we arrived, so that was kind of cool and we saw some people that we know from our classes.  I think we made some new friends 🙂  We will exchange numbers tomorrow night at class.  While on the tour, we saw the rooms that we would be staying in and the labor/delivery rooms, nursery, and the birthing tub.  I am so excited for this tub!  My only concern is that this room is so freaking small!  Some small places scare me, but I think we will be okay.  Michael might even get in the tub too!  I told him to pack a swimsuit!
The people on our tour were great!  (Especially since we were with them for a whole 20 minutes).  I am awful with names, but I will get them again tomorrow.  All the mommies with us are due around the same time… May 20-24 so it was nice to stand and compare bellies!  Apparently, we are the smallest 35 weekers ever, because none of us look that big!
It was nice 🙂
All in all, we are now ready… scared beyond all reason, but ready.
Time to pack the bag!