Welcome to our “Music at Home” series!  On the 15th day of each month, from now until June 2013, we will introduce you to a favorite children’s artist, compilation or album that we think would be a great addition to your family musical collection.  The tunes are catchy, the rhythms snappy and the lullabies are dreamy.  For access to all of the posts in this series, click here!

Let me start out by saying that Keller Williams has been awesome since I was a circle dancing Phish follower and festival goer (which was really only a few short years ago). When he made a kids album he jumped seven spots on the cool chart, and the fact that he plays Boomwhackers in this video makes him jump the last three steps to NUMBER 1! He is the coolest!

So here’s the run down:
Keller Williams a festival playing barefootin’ cool cat, decided to record a childrens album.
He included his kids on some tracks and it is ADORABLE!
His lyrics are hilarious and my three year old laughs every time we put the album on in the car.
His tunes are dance-inducing and easily lend themselves to movement and fun had by the entire family.
He joined the ranks of awesome guests on the Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE tour and rocked out with DJ Lance Rock and the gang.
In addition, many of his tunes are really useful in therapy and my friend Rachel has mentioned a few in her latest series, A,B,C, Music Therapy Ideas Series, over at Music Therapy Services of Austin.

So, hippie or not, this one’s for your family. A great collection of fun tunes to add to your collection.
You can visit Keller over at his website or follow him on facebook. He even tweets!