Today was the annual Hummingbird Festival at the Sugar Grove Nature Center (Funks Grove, IL) and being that our family is just so fascinated with birds, we made it a point to go this year! We pulled up, hoped on a covered wagon-tractor thing, and into the festival we went. During this time, the volunteers catch, tag and release hummingbirds. The attendees are also able to adopt a Hummingbird and when their bird is tagged, they get to hold it and then release it! We were number 31… when we eventually left the festival, they were on number 12… we arrived and adopted our “bird” at 10:15 and left the festival at 1:30… no worries, we will get the certificate in the mail 🙂
While at Sugar Grove, we went for walks around the Prairie, checked out the bird watching area and saw a TON of hummingbirds, several other varieties and chipmunks and we even felt a hummingbird heartbeat! It was pretty cool! We met up with our good friends and had lunch and then attempted a nice walk in the imagination cove.
The girls get a long, but only when it is convenient for them. Its quite cute watching each one push the other one, but then turn around and hug and smile and imitate each other the next moment. Today was mostly just a push and shove type day 🙂

Relaxing in my very own adirondack chair in the cabin

We found a treehouse!

Oooo… sticks and a house! All in one!

We tried.

Woodpecker stumps

Shadow game revisited!

We were so tired… This was moments after turning the car on!!