The little ones that I work with LOVE playing with a ball!  I am constantly bringing one out in our sessions as a reward, a socialization tool, and a communication vehicle!  This week, with one little kiddo, we are working on letting go of objects without dropping or throwing them.  Purposefully placement, if you will.  We are also working on using toys appropriately so that we may play with others.  Here is our song about our ball and what it can do!

My Ball
(to the tune of “Oh When the Saints”)

I have a Ball,
I have a Ball,
I have a Ball and it is small,
I can roll my ball all over,
I can roll, I can roll, my ball

It’s short, it’s simple, it’s perfect for my itty bitties! Anyone else see a theme here?

What songs do you use to introduce a ball and all of it’s wonders?!