I will give about an hour of open eye time during the day at which point Poppop and Nana flash lots and lots of pictures!  Apparently, these are the bonus times.  All of the others are just normal times.  

My cheeks are bigger, so my guess is, I am putting on a ton of weight.  Mommy’s milk is okay, but I get upset when she is upset so sometimes those midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am feedings are difficult.  We get through them okay and I get plenty of vitamin MMMM MMMm Good.  
Today my uncle and aunt and Great Grandpa came for a visit.  I feel pretty special that they flew all the way out here just to see ME!  It’s nice having them around, but if I get fussy it seems that no one wants to hold me anymore… go figure!
I got to wear my pretty new madras dress today and for the occasion, mommy and daddy wore their pretty madras clothing too!  Unfortunately, I was crying a lot during picture time so I am choosing not to show those pictures.  Maybe we will try again later.