A few weeks ago at The Center the children are learning about water and sand.  Although we live in Central Illinois, the children are showing an appreciation and great knowledge for all things Ocean.  A running theme throughout the center, and most centers, is working together and respecting others.

To this end, I brought out the OCEAN DRUM!  What better way to practice working together all while learning about the beach and water.  Not to mention working on motor control, listening skills, and taking turns.  This one instrument helps meet so many of these goals.

So here it is:

1. Invite 2, 3 or 4 children up to play the Ocean Drum.  Remind them that waves flow and ebb and are fluid.

2. Invite the children holding the drum to work together to make the sounds of the ocean.

3. Remind them that Oceans don’t use words to communicate.  🙂

It was great to watch the faces of the children as they give someone across from them the “look” as the drum is moving to fast or too slow.

What do you do with YOUR ocean drum?  What other activities do you do to promote socialization among peers?