A lot has been happening in the past month or however long it has been since we last updated this little ditty…

Here is a list of what has happened:
1. Farrah is still without a bottle
2. Farrah has decided that 2 hour stretches of sleep at night are fine for her.. not as good for mommy and daddy
3. Farrah was visited by her Nana and PopPop and they got her soooo much stuff and spoiled her rotten. Farrah has some payback when she gets older… thankfully she will be going to Harvard and getting a good job (Thanks to Aunt stephie and Uncle Matt who have apparently enrolled her early… haha!)
4. Mommy has started back to work… kind of. We are seeing two kids, soon to be three.
5. Farrah has started daycare! How exciting! She enjoys her time there and Mommy loves to have a little time to herself. Although we are not yet there for long stretches, it is nice to see her play with others!
6. Farrah has begun to push up on her hands when on her tummy and we are working on sitting a bit more too!
So here are some pics to satisfy you all 🙂 We are going to look into getting some six month photos done too… We shall see.