Well luck has been up and down this week with anything baby related.

The really good news: We were able to secure the armoire… although paying massive amounts in shipping, it saved mommy a bit of stress and now she can continue putting the sterile and empty baby room together 🙂  One day there will be things on the walls.  Needless to say, Tuesday is a big day where 231 lbs of armoire will be arriving on the doorstep (and I hope and pray that I will be able to get MR UPS to at least put it in the garage, if not in the nursery!  I am soooooo happy that it is here!  Now I can get the rest of the things that go in it!  
The not so good news: Poor Michael is super sick.. at least super sick for him.  He has battled several colds throughout my pregnancy, while I sit and take the horse pills feeling very little, if any, cold like symptoms (I think he was jealous).  Well here it is at the tail-end, where I can do very little (I try not to drive because I am soooo uncomfortable behind the wheel) and now my husband has a fever of 102 and a sinus infection… I can’t even really take care of him and he can’t take care of me… so we sit as two pathetic people on different floors of the house.  The doctor gave him some anti-biotics and a nasal saline solution which should help get the gunk out and keep him under control if I go into labor… which could really be anytime.
So yes, the house has lots of stress as we prepare for the big finale… All we can hope is that Michael doesn’t dope himself up at all in lieu of driving me to the hospital and I dont catch whatever it is he wants to throw in my direction.
Poor guy 🙁   Maybe he wants some soup.