So, Farrah and mommy’s fear of going outside of the house for long amounts of time has subsided a little bit.  We have enjoyed multiple outings around town in hopes of being prepared for longer driving times.  We have 15 days to prepare for a potential trip back east, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be in the makings.  Farrah is not a car person, which is god considering her mommy doesn’t like them either.

Anyway, we have spent the last few days doing several things including going out to lunch TWICE and dinner ONCE!  We attended a baby shower for a friend (that was the dinner) and decided to try a new place in town here (very diner like and great food).  We also went shopping several times, mostly to try and get some new bottles and such for Farrah.
Yesterday we had a very dear and kind friend over to help us with our bottle and we actually took it!  How fantastic!  We are learning slowly, but I think we will get it more regularly.
Farrah has recently begun to lift her head when on our shoulders and as of last night while she was on the floor.  Each day she gets a little stronger!  We even have some pretty awesome smiles too!  So far it seems like she smiles at dad a little more than mom, but that’s okay!
A couple of weeks ago we went to the doctor to make sure that the baby acne wasn’t something worse… and of course, those sneaky doctors decided to take some blood for whatever reason (all came back negative and good!).  They also weighed her and BAM!  
9 lbs. 15.5 ounces  She is growing so fast!  Hopefully we have leveled off a little bit for now.
As always, here are some pics 🙂

Sleepy time for mommy and Farrah

A super wonderful smile!

I can lift my head!  Not for too long, but I’m getting there!