I don’t know if it’s me or the baby that is more excited! 

 I haven’t really slept well in weeks, but after the last appointment I feel as though my excitement is keeping me awake more often.  Then again, I am also noticing the baby moving a bit more during the night too… I think she is itching to get out.

I am still pretty active, walking around and such, but I def. move a bit slower as I go 🙂 Yesterday we went shopping for some last minute necessities for baby and then some pampering items for mom and dad.  Nothing major really, just a skirt and shirt and dad gets some shoes!
Today we are focusing on trying to get things throughout the house into some order so that I can literally just sit around for the next few weeks, or days, or hours before she shows up to say hi!
Last night we put together the pack-n-play, watched a decent movie and went to bed around 11!  For me, that is late, for Mike… super early.  but either way, it was nice to sleep in and relax.  
Well… off to cleaning some more and getting this place spick and span 🙂  It would be much easier if I had the energy to do these things!