Well actually… Wind has done us in 🙂

It’s been quite the eventful few days!  In non-baby related news anyway.

On Sunday we had this massive wind storm, causing our FIRST tornado warning for the season (which technically hasn’t even started yet).  This wind caused some damage to the roof, which we are hoping to have fixed soon.  Needless to say, that took up most of Sunday Evening and Monday afternoon.  In addition, we also filed our taxes (well almost… a few loose ends to be finished on Friday).  Thankfully we can finally say that we are doing things right!  WOOHOO!
However, we have also had some exciting things going on in babyland.  So that is good news!  On Saturday we literally raced down to Springfield to pick up the baby furniture, so that we could race back before the rain hit and ruined it all.  Needless to say, we got it off the truck just in time for a few sprinkles to hit the cardboard boxes.  John, Michael and I put together the dresser and crib and we are happy to report that BOTH are still standing today. 
My sister and I had a conversation today regarding how upsetting it is to not be so close to the action… I guess this happens when you live halfway across the country, well… halfway to halfway 🙂
Due to this conversation, it caused me to take a few pictures and show you all whats going on.  So here ya go!

Our crib!

Changing Table/Dresser

Ozzie in the Crib (Plastic is still on the mattress)  He got very scared, thinking he was trapped and so I took him out and he took off, out of the room.

Ozzie learning how to get INTO the crib… I did not help him AT ALL!  He circled for a very long time before figuring out that all he needed to do was jump. 

The room with no decorations or anything… but still it’s enough to house a child, so it is officially good enough for me 🙂

The closet.  Simple, easy… empty 🙂