Well here it is and we are less than 100 Days away from the new bundle of somewhat joy will be entering this world. OH my goodness what am I going to do… The stats are as follows:

Gender: Girl, with total kickboxing appeal
Heartbeat: Same as always
Weight Gain: 26 lbs. Total… still not sure where it is. People still laugh when I tell them I am about 6 months pregnant!
Belly Size: 24 cm
Blood Pressure: Still nice and low 🙂
Walls: GREEN!
Floors: Pretty Laminate

I have recently acquired the lovely gift of heartburn and acid reflux. It left me flat on my butt last week for a couple of days… some vomiting came with it. I am feeling a lot better now, although I am very aware of what I can and can not have in terms of food and such. I don’t like taking the ant-acids, so I don’t and I sit and complain and let it all consume me. Oh well! What am I going to do.

Michael and I are in the process of signing up for all of our lovely classes and such, so I am excited to start those… The list of fabulous things is as follows:
Prepared Childbirth Class
Mommy and Me: Infant Care
Car Seat Safety
Breast feeding
Cloth Diapering

I am very excited for all of these… which will be happening in March and April.

The room sits pretty empty… Although the floors and walls are done, we are still in the midst of finishing the moulding and baseboards (maybe this weekend) and we still have no furniture. One day, maybe I will get some… who knows. I have this picture in my head of the room being complete before baby arrives… all her clothing lined up in the closet, the furniture nice and ready and the diaper caddy in it’s place. I picture the rocking chair in the corner and all of the wonderful books and gifts and such are placed perfectly around the room. I have a fairy tale room in my head, but I know it can come true! Everyone keeps asking me when the room will be done and I just shrug my shoulders and say… when it’s done! Many of my friends have already finished their rooms (some are due earlier than me, some even later!). I feel left out sometimes, but I understand tradition and I understand family values… Here’s to hoping more things come soon.

Here’s a secret though: I bought some clothing today… God forbid I have a naked baby! The clearance rack was calling my name 🙂

Anyway, aside from the heartburn, the sheer anxiety of the whole situation and the fact that after today’s 65 degree weather we will be expecting some snow on Friday… I am doing okay. I am not too tired yet.. although I have to admit that when it is cold out, I feel sooooo much worse. I can still bend down, although it does cause a bit of uncomfortable feelings throughout. I sit on the floor for some of my kids sessions now, and dance around for the rest! I have not yet figured out the whole bathroom thing though… For the past few nights I have slept through the night… yet during the time I am awake I feel like I am constantly going… Ugh!

Daddy’s doing well too! He has some sympathy back pain of course, but what more could you ask for? He sleeps better now and is getting excited! He is just hoping everything falls into place next year and that our lives will become better and strangely easier 🙂

Well, I should go eat some food… I will post some more belly pics later… I swear that I don’t look as big as the pictures below… I am trying to take pictures of myself in super cute outfits as I am still not happy with my appearance. Pregnancy and me are not friends… Go figure!