Well… it is official… we have a crawler! And it’s about time too! I’m sorry it’s sideways.

When in the right mood, Farrah will be everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE! It’s amazing how interested she becomes in things that just two days ago really had no interest at all. For example, the numbers on the cable box. While little in that area is a Farrah hazard, its really annoying watching her push you well out of the way just to get over there and touch it with her finger. It never served as a motivator before!
Other new things in her life include her adorable personality. She scrunches her face and smiles at EVERYONE while we eat. It was quite surprising that Renee was able to keep down her food at lunch the other day. Lots of laughing 🙂

This video is only half of the cuteness that comes with Farrah 🙂
She still only has the two lower teeth, but she has had a runny nose for quite some time so I am hoping that it will become something! She is also having difficulty eating, and mostly only eats things she can chew. I think it feels good to rub things against her upper gums.
We are off to Florida next week… Farrah’s first REAL vacation. I am so excited to get her in the WATER!!!!!!:)