This year we decided to just keep tradition going and head off to the east coast for Farrah’s first Thanksgiving celebration. All was planned perfectly: watch the parade in the morning, meet with friends, have dinner, meet more friends, and then the next few days were to be spent meeting even more friends 🙂 I guess a lot of people want to meet new babies!

We took our first airplane and attended our first Klainberg holiday, which in itself is quite a HOLIDAY! We even got to see Nana and PopPop’s new addition on the house. Pretty snazzy!
So here are some pics of things that happened! Backwards… as something is seriously wrong with this upload!

This is me at my first photoshoot! My first ever DAYCARE PIC!

This is us coming back HOME from Thanksgiving. I was so happy to be on Illinois soil. Plane rides were not me forte this trip.

This is me meeting my friend Sadie and Lauren for the first time. They are from a distant land called California! Fascinating!

The crowning jewel of my trip was to meet my GG. I am sooooo glad that Uncle Matt was able to get her here. IT would not have been Turkey day without her!

This is me and my cousins Daniel and Susie! Daniel is a year old and I have a lot to learn from him. Here’s hoping we meet again soon!

I love watching the parade! Nana and I even practiced our kicks. One day I will be a rockette!

I tried rally hard to get a swig, but Dad just wouldn’t let me.

This is mommy’s best friend from KINDERGARTEN! She had a baby too, RMD, and we got to eat and play together. So much fun!

This is us playing.

Here I am on my first airplane! I was sooo excited… and then the plane took off. I cried most of the flights… mommy and daddy thought that I just hated flying. Turns out, I had a massive double ear infection (second one in three weeks) and so there was nothing they could do to help me. I hope xmas goes much smoother.