Well here it is, Day 5 of Michael’s unexpected 6 Day vacation!  Starting Wednesday, the weather got really bad with snow and cold and it didn’t let up until today… the cold anyway.  So snow days and cold days galore for the both of us.  

I probably shouldn’t have taken off on Thursday, but my goodness it was cold!  I don’t really have anything that truly fits- jacket-wise… I also dont want to go out and purchase anything like that.  It’s a waste of money, especially since come March, the weather here is nicer again.  So for now, I wear my puffy vest and lots of layers.  Granted when it gets down to -30 or below, Mommy Meryl stays inside with hot chocolate and a book.  
Being that we had all of this time, we decided to get cracking on all things nursery.  On Thursday and Friday, Michael ripped up all of the carpet and pads, removed the floor board molding and caulked and sanded the wall spots.  He also primed a couple of the areas that needed some touching.  
Today we started painting… it looks awesome so far.  GREAT COLOR CHOICE!  WOOHOO!  We did one coat, and I am sitting here now with some minor back pains from working a bit to hard… no worries, it’s rest time while I watch paint dry.
So if all of this work was done on Thursday, Friday and Sunday… what was done on Saturday??  Well Saturday was a whole new ball of wax!  Following a fantastic haircut (making it almost too short for me), we traveled off to the far far reaches of Springfield, IL.  Low and behold, on the southern tip of that huge city (which is tiny for NY standards) there is a Babies R Us.  This store is one of the smaller ones, however it is far superior than anything in Blormal!  (Which is odd considering we have one of the highest birth rates in Central Illinois and largest concentration of OB’s too!)
Anyway, we decided to register… which in itself was a minor disaster.  All was well and good, except, we could not pick a bed set (which we later found at another store).  All of the major pieces and colors we picked out were not available at the store and by the time we figured out the big things, the important things were lacking.  After we went home I got on the computer and fixed all of the mess.  We now have a nice registry of fun things at Babies R Us and then this morning, while Michael was getting his beauty rest, I went and started one on Target.com as well.  
It’s been quite an eventful week…. end.
Anyway, here are some pictures to tide you over…. mostly of the room.  And one of the fantastic wiener mobile that we passed on the way to Springfield.