Earlier this week the weather team was talking about all of this possible snow that was to fall… we came out with less than 4 inches.  It was enough for Farrah to shovel at daycare (that’s right… hard labor) but it was too cold to venture out by the time she came home.

So instead… We made some forts! Out of pillows!  Never underestimate the things you have around your house.  In the past I had just used some chairs and blankets, but that just wont work anymore!  Daddy came to the rescue with some real building material!  Our couch cushions served the purpose just fine.

They are durable, soft and extremely easy to use!  With the right size cushion, you could possible fit an adult and a child 🙂  Think about some of the areas of development that you are addressing with this wonderful and simple activity:

Gross Motor: Stacking, Crawling, walking and Retrieving the pillows after you have blown them over as the “Big Bad Wolf”

Cognitive: Stacking and Building!

Happy Building!

Follow Up:  The next day, we decided to go one step further and make a giant tunnel!  These cushions really are fantastic for a lot of different things.  We leaned them against the coffee table and let Farrah (and the cats) just go in circles, under and even over!