Have you joined Pinterest yet?

Pinterest is the most wonderful time-suck in the world.  Seriously, this is even more addictive than following your friends on facebook, twitter, linkedIn and google+ combined!  But, let me tell you, it is soooo much better.  This is a one stop shop for everything including ideas for food, sewing, education, holidays, and even music therapy!

You can read a bit about Pinterest for the Music Therapist over at Music Therapy Tween (although I find her thoughts easily transfered to other professions and interests as well).

I’ve created several boards that I think you, my readers, will be interested in.  Here are a few:

Music Therapy Related

Music Therapy Resources


Music Therapy News, Articles, Blog Posts

Children: Activities and Spaces

The Children's Space

Activities and Fun for Kids (Not Necessarily Musical in Nature)

Products and DIY’S

A Few DIY projects to make life interesting and creative

Some “Must Have’s” for your collection








Do you have some boards that I should follow? I’m always looking to learn a little something new! Leave a comment below with a link to your board. Happy Pinning!