As a music therapist, I use live music with my clients most of the time. I do so because I can manipulate the speed, volume and even lyrics to cater to my clients needs and goals.

I encourage families to make music at home (as they learn new songs and chants in Tiny Melodies and music therapy sessions to add to their current home routines).  I know that if a family has little musical experience, the thought of making music together may be daunting.  We also know that it might be nice for a family to experience a not-so-standard piece of children’s music.  Which is why I am starting this series, “Music at Home”.

On the 15th day of each month, from now until June 2013, we will introduce you to a favorite children’s artist, compilation or album that we think would be a great addition to your family musical collection.  The tunes are catchy, the rhythms snappy and the lullabies are dreamy.  For access to all of the posts in this series, click here!

We have handpicked each of these suggestions and tested them out with our own students, clients and even our own daughter! We hope this series will invite all of your families to be more comfortable making music together at home.  Start off with bringing these tunes in your car as you set off on a new adventure, incorporate some of the soothing instrumental pieces into your bedtime routine, or play a fun freeze dance with many of the dance-inducing songs.

We encourage you to explore these artists and hope it will lead you on the path to discovering even MORE artists and then, with all of the new songs, rhymes and rhythms, you can make music at home with your family.

Until the 15th, please enjoy this post about a great artist (that would have made the list if I hadn’t already written about him!)