This past weekend we had a wonderful trip to Downtown Chicago. My folks flew in from NY and we all got rooms (thank you Priceline) at the snazzy downtown hotel. Lucky for us, we got rooms on the 20th floor with GIANT windows looking out over a vacant street (you can’t win everything I guess).

We walked Michigan Ave several times, rode in a taxi (Farrah’s first), watched boats, went to the Children’s Museum, ate at a smart establishment (TWICE!) and made it home with no traffic while driving straight into Soldier Field… who knew?! I also got to test out my new camera… can you tell the difference? (Unfortunately the camera did not make it to the children’s museum… and we are currently awaiting PopPop’s pictures of the place)

She loves watching the cars drive by

1, 2, 3… WEEEEE!

My attempt at an artsy shot…

The LEGO store!

Hanging out on the front stoop

A giant couch?

took my money…

And bought some yummies!

Probably the coolest exhibit for me… the interactive shadow stuff! Butterflies even land on your arms!

I sure love a good slide!

My quiet space with daddy

Watching the boats come in for the winter

Really really love this height!

Skyline on the way IN