It has been quite some time since we last posted and sooooo much has happened! Farrah is this laughing, smiling, playing, awesome little person and each day she grows and changes more and more! So much so that we can’t stop going out and doing things! She enjoys EVERYTHING! Here are some of her milestones:

1. Sleeping Again! I think it is safe to say that we are through whatever it was the was keeping us all from sleeping. We are happy to report that Farrah now goes down at 7:30/8:00 and is not bothered until about 6 or 7 the next morning. She will wake up and toss and turn and play but has yet to make a peep in the middle of the night. It’s quite nice watching her put herself back to sleep so nicely! And… we did NOT have to let her cry it out… she whined some, but she accepted this gift with great ease!
2. We have started solids… so far we eat applesauce, pears, squash and rice cereal (which we have since taken away because it hurts Farrah’s little tummy. Today I dropped her off at Daycare and she will be trying Sweet potatoes… here’s hoping! I have even made her own squash, which was surprisingly easy! Next up: Peaches… maybe.
3. We are grabbing everything! It started with Daddy’s iced coffee straw and has now moved on to more appropriate things like toys and teethers and pacifiers.
4. Sitting Alone! WE have just began to sit by ourselves… granted we still take some nose dives or forget what we are doing and just fall over to the side, but we are pretty much sitting with no help from mom and dad! We are still being lazy on the rolling over thing though…
Here are some pictures from the past month!

I fly through the apple orchard with mommy… we liked to look at the windmills.

I picked my very first pumpkin! It was mighty windy that day but it was soooo much fun! And, I wore Aunt Julie’s awesome shoes.

Daddy was describing what an apple is… I could care less, I just liked the sun.

I am THE funniest kid on the planet! I laugh so hard sometimes I fart! HAHAH!



I was a skeleton at daycare last week. A skeleton with a pumpkin hat!

This is me eating solids in my awesome pumpkin bib! Thanks Granny! MMMMM Applesauce!