Well, Here it is at almost the end of September and I greet you with yet another wonderful blog. Farrah is currently snoozing in the Moby Wrap (Thank God for that). She has had some trouble going down for naps lately… but no matter what, I can always Moby her! We washed dishes, started laundry and ate breakfast. Now we are typing… quite wonderful!

Yesterday, Mom went back to work and although it was absolutely awful leaving my little girl, we managed… thankful to only having one client 🙂 She did great at Angie’s, and apparently, Tilly and Farrah had a nice screaming match… Farrah won! That is probably something I should not be proud of, but oh well. She has a great set of lungs, What can I say!
So in two weeks she will be starting Daycare… Mom is terrified. We are still limiting the clientele due to the whole bottle issue, but at least things we be a little better… I hope. Do I just leave her there and pray she takes a bottle? OR do I show up around the time she should eat and see what happens? I just don’t know what to do!
Daddy put together her excersaucer the other day… so far we are 1 for 3 on whether we like it or not. She cried the first time, played the second time, cried the third… I assume with this pattern the fourth time will result in laughter? We are also in the market for a jumperoo. We have a door jumper, but we don’t yet have molding downstairs. Maybe with the addition of doors to the front room (if that happens) will help, but for now a stationary floor model jumper would be AWESOME!
We saw our doctor last Friday also! She received more fantastic shots (which totally suck but Farrah is soooooo amazing when it happens!), got measured and weighed… Here are our stats:
Height: 25″ (65%)
Weight: 12.9 lbs (32%)
Head: still small… just don’t know what it measured.
So we have a super tall and thin kid… I guess we can safely say that she is ours 🙂
Well… she is now awake (I hate when she wakes up in the Moby and cries… she is so confused!) She is now in her crib talking to the ceiling fan. Must find a mobile or something for her.
Next up: Playdate with Ari tomorrow! WOOHOO! Maybe a visit with Little D today?
Who knows!