Thanks once again to Valerie over at Frugal Family Fun Blog for another wonderful idea that I really enjoy making and using to practice my skills!

This here is my attempt at an “artsy” shot at our COLOR MATCHING MAT! Yes, the Frugal Mom posted this on her site one day and I immediately dove in and started collecting and sewing!
Colored Materials (Fat Quarters work well and you can make several of these with one piece)
Fusible Interfacing
Backing of some sort (I used terry for my first attempt, and now am using a Chenille, as it is less stretchy for the beginner sewing star)
Sewing Machine and Notions
1. After cutting equal size pieces of fabric squares, sew in a line in order of the rainbow.
2. Cut and iron interfacing to fabric row
3. Sew “backing” onto row of fabric and VOILA!
For the beginner, this project is SUPER easy and fun… at least for me.
Now, the Farrah side… I was so excited to start this and get it to use, but I really have no use yet… she isn’t technically sorting objects or even colors yet (except for that one time she separated her diapers from her wipes). But I know that soon it will happen, so now whenever she has something in her hand that is a single color (We focus mostly on Blue, Red and Yellow) we immediately match it to the color mat. She should get the hang of this soon enough.
In the doctors office the other day, it brought great joy to just place her picture cards on the mat, without even caring about the colors at the time. I thought this was a great way to start, as she obviously “gets” it!
So, if you are interested in making this wonderful thing, I would head on over to Frugal Family Fun Blog and get some directions 🙂