We love sounds and odds are, your children love making sounds too!  I can guarantee that they will be walking around the kitchen or even outside banging on anything that they can reach.

Today we spent some afternoon time in the pool making sounds.

First, we tapped the railing…

Then, we added water and tapped again…

Then, we tapped the stairs…

Then we squealed with joy!

Exploring like this is natural, fun and a GREAT learning experience.  Toddlers are concrete learners and experiential learners.  They are not always able to process ideas and experiences through just one sense.  This is why when we tap or bang on things we do it LOUD and then we try quiet.  We are not doing it to purposely annoy our parents (even though sometimes loud is just TOO LOUD!).

Take a moment tomorrow and invite your little ones to walk (or crawl) around the backyard and begin to make some sounds.

Throw a rock into the pond.

Tap a stick on the fence.

Stomp in some gravel.

What are some ways that you and your children make sounds throughout the day?