We decided at the end of 2009 that travel for the holidays would be limited for just this one year… So, Thanksgiving was just the THREE of us 🙂 Mike smoked a turkey, Farrah helped make Apple Crisp and I did the shopping. Somewhere in the middle of it all was stuffing, veggies and a whole lot of eating! We continued some family traditions (watching the parade and waiting for Kermit) and started some new ones (Cooking a meal together!)

Farrah LOVES doing the sticker activity, and so this time, we played with a Turkey! She also has the coordination and fine motor skill to take the stickers off by herself and so it is a great way to get some downtime as she does this 🙂 I can actually walk away for just a moment!
We also made lunch fun this year… I found some ideas around the web and took to it! See?! Before ripping it apart, Farrah did giggle 🙂
Dancing is now a necessity! Farrah requests music to be played in any room she is in… She signs and says it repeatedly until we give in… its funny! Now in the morning she goes through the same rant “Mama, Dada, Open (window), Taggies, BlaBla, Off (Sound Machines), Booboo (Someone at daycare bit her three weeks ago…), Music, Out (out of crib)!” Pretty Funny!
So… this year, while watching the parade, whenever she heard music she would dance and when the act was leaving the carpet she would ask for “more” and “again” as more music made it’s way onto the screen! She even tried to kick with the Rockettes… This was etched in her brain in 2009 as she watched the parade with MY family. It’s nice to know she remembers (wink, wink).
On to Chrismikah 2010!