Last week, Music Sparks sent out this invitation. At first, I was super excited, and all of these ideas popped into my head. However, as the week went on I became increasingly distracted with the “big BLUE elephant in the room”. The elephant, being September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of an unbelievably horrific and terrifying day. And so, while my original intent was to post something upbeat and super theme driven, I can only sit here and relive the moments of that day. And so for me, right at this particular moment, blue is emotion and very much what I am feeling.

I have had a lot of history with the World Trade Center. I played an amazing concert in the Atrium. I had my prom at Windows of the World. These are the things I would like to remember.

I’ve never put my story on paper, it’s not really something I talk about. It still feels very surreal and really, just unbelievable. While I remember many parts of the day, some of it is just a blur.

I remember this beautiful clear day with a big blue sky.

I remember gathering in the Crane Commons.

I remember reaching my family and them telling me my sister was okay.

I remember sitting and listening to a busy signal as several people tried to call home.

I remember standing in a circle outside of Knowles and singing with the Pointercounts and several of our friends.

I remember hearing the news of those who were not okay.

We lost a lot of folks from our town. We lost friends and their family members from other towns.

This is the Big Blue Elephant in the Room. The thing that happened but we just don’t speak about. Sometimes, it’s just easier not to relive it.