A lot has happened since my last post… 

For starters, and I hear it now… Farrah has begun waking up talking to herself (which I find absolutely hilarious!)  She has been doing this consistently every morning which makes wake up time a bit easier than in the past 🙂
We have had some more visitors including aunt Stephie and Matt, who just left us yesterday.
Daddy has returned to work, and so far so good!
Mommy has been working non-stop on trying her best to get the new website up and running and making sure that one day soon we may be able to go back to work 🙂
So keep your eyes peeled for the new and improved “Brown Music Therapy” online!
Baby and Mommy spend a lot of time together during the day and enjoy every moment of it!  We have traveled around town quite a bit and have visited with several friends!
That is our update for now 🙂
Oh yeah, we sleep ALOT!  last night is by far the winner: 8:30pm-6:00am 🙂  and a quick extra hour until 7:30am.
Gotta go change her diaper!