81 Days left… Many Many days gone past and I have managed to make it through almost the entire winter without a head cold… until now.  In fact, I have made it since Winter 2007 without getting more than an hour’s worth of a runny nose!  

But here I am having trouble breathing and having unbelievable amounts of stuffiness, sore throat and all around YUCK!  
Aside from that, things are going well.  We get to go see the doctor on Friday, which of course is terrifying for me.  But it is the start of the end really… Starting on Friday, my visits go from once a month to one every two weeks!  I am also getting my wonderful glucose and shots on friday (hence being terrified!).
I still question how I am going to get through labor and delivery… but there is no turning back now!  ha!
We worked more on Farrah’s room this weekend.  I am starting to like hers better than mine!  She has a closet now (and even a couple of choice pieces hanging up) and base boards.  We just have to take care of some small fine touches and it will be ready to be filled with stuff 🙂
Speaking of, during all of this out of stock fiasco, we managed to get SOME of our order complete… so we have a crib and dresser on the way.  I am more at ease and can let things just happen now.
Well… more updates on Friday! And pictures too!