If all places were like this, I would nurse away from home more often!  We took a trip today, for no other reason than to just get the hell out of the house!  Farrah enjoyed most of it, although she really dislikes her car seat.  

First, we traveled to toys r us and tried to find a high chair, but this did not end well.  In fact, it ended pretty poorly as mommy became frustrated over a floormat- gym- thing and daddy was busy wheeling Farrah around as she began one of her uncontrollable crying fits.  We decided to get a move on and leave the store (btw, having Farrah is a great way to save money as we run out of every store before being able to buy anything!)
So we got into the car and decided that maybe she was hungry.. totally legit, as she eats 24/7, we have no schedule really! So what better way to get mom acclimated to nursing in “public”, than to go to her favorite store!  We hopped into Von Maur, which was nice and empty an unfortunately for mommy’s ta-ta’s was super cold.  Dad and Granny took a walk around to view the overly priced apparel and I went to what I will now dub the mecca of nursing facilities!
First off, the place is all ritz and glitz to begin with.. instead of a restroom there is a woman’s lounge.  Inside the lounge is a nice sitting area with tons of couches and a mirror and a door to the restroom facilities.  On the opposite wall though is this pass through, leading to the ever popular mommy and baby station!  Inside is a nice little room with a changing table, couch with supportive pillows and a rocking chair.  The music plays over the loud speaker and it is quite relaxing… aside from the little boys that love to peer around the corner while waiting for their own mothers to finishing using the potty!
So this, is now my new home to nurse if in a pinch.  One day, maybe I will get more comfortable with the public thing… for now, I will stay near my home and in my bed 🙂