We don’t have too much going on that is new… just the usual roll over, laugh and coo 🙂  hehe… they are pretty exciting though aren’t they!  We don’t see our friends as much anymore as most of our mommy friends have gone back to work… should I feel blessed that I am semi-able to stay home with Farrah, or nervous that life will fall apart if I go back to work… hmmm dilemma.  Either way, I am planning on bringing in our daycare application in within the next week, just in case a miracle falls into place and Farrah begins to accept the “b” word.  In the meantime, I am trying to set up may a couple of in town clients so that I can zip over to see them, and then zip back to feed her.  All the while, our wonderful friend, and new nanny, Audrey will watch and play with Farrah during those times.  We are also still planning on getting that front room filled with babies for Music Time!  So if you know any friends with babies… send them my way.
Anyway, here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

BTW, gas hurts… and it got Farrah up at the strange hour of 11pm (SOOOOO NOT NORMAL!) and had her screaming and crying last night…a cry so painful I thought someone was ripping out her insides this mommy was extremely scared… and then all of a sudden, she let out a couple good rippers… burped some, ate, and fell back to sleep for the next 7 hours… who would have thought!