Just be prepared!

Here are some tips to make your venture into Watercolors a successful, fun, and only semi-messy experience!

1. When filling the bowl of water, only put in enough to cover the tippy top tip of the brush!

Toddlers are known to splash water and pound the brush into the water to rinse it off… sometimes limits are just not yet understood!  This tiny bit of water is JUST enough to take care of what needs to be done without spilling or splashing a whole ton.

2. Get some sort of messy tray (this was a MUST HAVE for my mom!).  These trays have a lip on them, often almost an inch in height, and will contain any mess that may occur.

I would say, just do this on the kitchen floor, but we have wood… so, no.  Here are two we have: one for bigger projects (like fingerpaint) and one for smaller (glitter, watercolors, etc.).


I find it essential, and I think I have mentioned this before, to tape down your paper with masking tape!  My toddler will very quickly grab and crinkle any paper in front of her, regardless if it is a masterpiece or not!

4. Use a nice semi-large handle or tipped brush.

Short and stubby wouldnt be too bad either.  Kids just dont have the fine motor to manipulate some of the brushes out there with long thin handles.  Invest in something like these, as I find they do just the trick to really get that toddler focused on where the brush needs to go!

5. For carpet folks only (or wood): A Splat Mat!

You can never be too careful.  Today I forgot one… so out comes the spotbot tomorrow morning!

6. Have Fun!

Don’t worry if your toddler starts to taste the materials!  They are made for kids for a reason, while not FOOD, it won’t hurt to take a taste!