Don’t get me wrong, I love my doctor… I am just really disappointed with todays outcome 🙁  We have always disagreed on my due date as was originally recorded by doctor, then clarified my technician on sono but never relayed back to doctor.  So now doctor is at a different date than what I would like in my head 🙂

Anyway, with MY date, I would be able to find out the sex of the baby before we went to New York for xmas.  With HER date, it would be a week after… which unfortunately means that we would be IN New York for a long time and so now we have to wait until January’s appointment 🙁
Grrr… But yes, keep my mouth shut, she is the professional and it’s okay.  Now I must prepare myself for some blood work at my next visit… another grrr.  But I always remind myself that it is okay!  It’s for the good of the baby. 🙂
So today’s stats:
Weight gain: 4 lbs. total
Heartbeat: 146 bpm
Morning Sickness: NONE!
Happiness scale: 8 out of 10
Bedroom Color: Still white.