Well, Farrah has been attending daycare for almost two weeks (although she only attends three days a week… but whatever). We have tried everyday to give her a bottle and somehow I manage to show up at the wrong times, either when she has not yet started or when she is so completely pissed off that she wont eat at all!

Well yesterday, she screamed for a good 20 minutes followed by some calm silence, some short screams and then the sounds of sucking at a bottle! It only took an hour in all! Today, I made the decision to stay far far away from daycare (the house is pretty clean!) and I had just received a phonecall that my fantastic little muffin has taken 3 ounces with little screaming! I am soooo soooo excited!
I want to go over there and hug her, but I will wait for the afternoon to get that done. I am through the roof right now!
Because of this wonderful thing, I am going out to get some stuff done 🙂 I no longer have to sit at home and worry over whether she is happy or not!
WOw… huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I will hope that she continues this for the next week or so.