So last night was once again another rough night for Little miss Bear…

At one point she was nursed back to sleep (something that will be stopping soon) and placed in the crib, only to wake up 10 minutes later whining and moaning.
We left her there… I feel like a horrible parent, but her sounds never really escalated to anything more than a slight whine and moan… She fell asleep 15 minutes later after having her “conversation” with the wall or ceiling or curtains… She slept for four hours.
She woke up again at about 5:30am and once again I did the horrible and nursed her back to sleep…. she slept another hour and a half.
I am currently reading the Sleepeasy solution, recommended by my cousin…
I am not a fan of crying it out in the least, but I am at my wits end… and she hasn’t really cried at all… she just moans and whines… only to be escalated to a cry if we pick her up!
I am a very confused parent and I just want the girl who was sleeping 9-10 hours straight and then happy during the day.
Meanwhile… she had a nice little hissy fit this morning when she was getting tired and so we walked and walked and she screamed and screamed and then I put her in her crib with a pacifier and her waterfall soother (which doesn’t last very long) and she stared at it in silence… next thing I know, she is sucking on the pacifier and sleeping… the soother shut off.
If she doesn’t need me to fall asleep, why do Michael and I keep getting up in the middle of the night?!
On a side note… She laughed and giggled yesterday while watching my rings glisten… how cute!